Company Culture & Values

At Metis D&E, our activities are undertaken with the highest standards of professionalism, leadership, quality, ethics and expertise in our field.

We are committed to practice in accordance with Engineers Australia’s Code of Ethics which means that we will practice competently, demonstrate integrity and honesty, exercise leadership and promote sustainability.

Metis’ success lies in the following 3 key aspects
Quality Deliverables

At Metis D&E, we strive for producing the most professional, accurate, clear and easy to understand deliverables. Whether it is calculation reports, production drawings, presentations or any other technical documentation, we make sure that they meet or exceed our client’s expectations

Fast Turnaround

We understand that most of our clients are working with tight deadlines and that design approval and certification is the last piece holding up manufacture. So, at Metis D&E we go the extra mile to make sure our services are delivered in a timely manner. We work together with our clients to set priorities and facilitate production advancement.

Customer Focus

For us at Metis D&E, your satisfaction is paramount, and we endeavour to exceed your expectations. We endeavour to get a good understanding of how your business works, what are your processes, etc… so that what we deliver is in line with your preferences. More than a simple “Supplier-Customer” relationship, we prefer to build a real partnership with our clients, enabling us to contribute to their business growth and success.

Metis D&E’s Quality Management System is certified to international standard ISO9001:2015
Metis Design & Engineering is a member of the following organisations