“Metis DE is a good example of the kind of enterprise we will need more of in WA.


The mining and engineering world needs leaders who can help deliver the green block chain that will soon be an essential way of doing business with world markets. The submission provides clear evidence that Metis DE is focussed on making a difference in this critical field. The leadership role Metis DE play with their reinvestment in delivering sustainability comes through loud and clear. Sustainability is not only engrained in their business, but also in the social enterprise approach that is delivering the Hub On SX and the start-ups that Fremantle yearns for.

Fremantle Deputy Mayor

Fremantle Chamber of Commerce Awards

Metis Design and Engineering have made an important contribution to our Cooljarloo dredge upgrade, finding improved strength with lowered stress and weight in the dredge bucket wheels and fairleaders.

Matthew Rein


Metis is doing more than other engineering firms I have worked with in terms of service and collaboration and seeking new ways of doing business and addressing sustainability.

Martin Anda

Murdoch University

Thank you for all for your work with the cradle design, liaising with Inpex and all the reports. Kaefer have been extremely impressed with the quality under quite a bit of time pressure.

Thomas Carnavas

Kaefer Integrated Services

Metis has provided our business with multiple first-class solutions that work right the first time… attention to detail with a commercial viability is their key strength…

Gino Antonello


Metis DE is a good example of the kind of enterprise we will need more of in WA.

Thomas Gerlach

Rio Tinto

Our client has been overly grateful that we could quickly scan the sample and produce a concept design in such a short time frame. Keep up the good work. Happy to be part of the Metis Journey. Onwards and up!

Jason Kell

Enduraclad International

From my experience with Metis I am completely impressed and inspired by their ethical and sustainable approach and engagement with community as well as being obviously highly skilled and just good people.

Brendan Hutchens

VAM Media

The work Metis DE did for CIRA on the SMART Box thermal modelling was extremely well received, and Francesco was a pleasure to work with. There are already discussions about working with Metis DE further – both on additional thermal modelling needs, and on a longer-term concept for VR/AR.

Andrew Burton

Curtin University